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School Grants

Step Three of Our Educational Modules

In step three of the Educational Modules, qualifying schools can apply for a $2,500 Grove Farm Foundation grant for a Sustainable Community Solution (SCS) project. This SCS project has to apply the learnings of the Educational Module for the benefit of the school and/or the neighboring community.

Sustainable Community Solutions School Grants

To be considered for this grant, schools must complete the Sustainability Curriculum and Educational Site Visits. A design plan, timeline, and budget are also required as part of the SCS grant application.

Since the inception of the SCS grants, several schools have taken advantage of this opportunity. In order to promote Sustainable Species and Communities, greenhouses and aquaponic systems have been constructed for uses such as native plant repopulation and food production. At another school, water refill stations will be installed to promote Sustainable Water and Health. Combining Sustainable Lands, Water, Energy and Species, another SCS campus project removed all non-native plants, replaced them with natives, and implemented ahupua’a concepts for water conservation.