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Educational Modules

Comprehensive Educational Program

The Grove Farm Educational Modules are a unique learning opportunity for students and educators in the fourth grade through high school levels. A comprehensive educational program on sustainability is taught and experienced through eight different modules – Sustainable Land, Water, Energy, Food, Species, Historic Sites, Health, and Communities.

Committed to the Education of Our Youth

In alignment with the place-based learning concepts of the Next Generation Science Standards:

  1. Curriculum guides and pre-teachings are presented in classrooms.
  2. Classroom learning is reinforced and expanded upon through educational site visits.
  3. Lessons are applied via a Sustainable Community Solutions (SCS) project that will benefit their campus and/or the neighboring community.

A truly collaborative effort, the Educational Modules leverages the skills, knowledge, history and wisdom of our kupuna, the State of Hawaiʻi Department of Education, Kauaʻi Community College, the Hawaiʻi Institute of Innovation, numerous professionals from both the public and private sectors, and especially the participating students!

Grove Farm is committed to the education of our youth. After participating in the Educational Modules, it is our hope that students realize that modern career opportunities exist here on Kauaʻi, find confidence in their ability to learn, and know that they can make a difference in building a sustainable future for all future generations to benefit from.

Our Three-Step Program Process

Sustainability Curriculum

In this first step of the Educational Modules, curriculum guides and pre-teachings are presented on the various sustainability categories.

Educational Site Visits

In step two of the Educational modules, over the course of three days, teachers and students visit sites where sustainability efforts are being practiced.

Sustainable Community Solutions School Grants

In step three of the Educational Modules, qualifying schools can apply for a $2,500 Grove Farm Foundation grant for a Sustainable Community Solution (SCS) project.