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Sustainable Culture

Perpetuating History

Kauaʻi is the true embodiment of aloha. It’s the people that grew up here carry that spirit with them wherever they go. Our culture is passed down from the generations before us as we learn from talking-story with our elders. Grove Farm wants to preserve this culture by documenting the food, music, and history that make us Kauaʻi.

Gathering Our Traditions

Mele: The Music of Kauaʻi

In the Hawaiian language, mele is a song, anthem, or chant of any kind. We have a collection of songs from prolific composers and artists from Kauaʻi such as James Kaholokula, Sr., Larry Rivera, and more!

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Recipes: The Food of our Families

Food is an essential part of preserving culture and reminds us of that comforting feeling connected to our family. Grove Farm is working to continually bring you Kauaʻi’s favorite recipes from our family to yours.

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Moʻolelo: Stories of our Past

Moʻolelo means story, myth, or tradition. It’s important to understand where we came from and learn from our past to become more sustainable in the future.

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