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Grove Farm Partnership with Kauaʻi Backcountry Adventures

For well over 150 years, Grove Farm has operated, maintained, and enhanced legacy water infrastructure systems that serve the Kaua‘i community. Given the central location of Grove Farm’s lands, these water systems are critical to the island’s sustainability. The Lihuʻe water system provides potable drinking water to about 20% of the island’s residents and it delivers irrigation water for agriculture and public uses. Non-consumptive uses of this water system includes KIUC’s two hydroelectric plants and the inner tubing activities offered by Kaua‘i Backcountry Adventures (KBA).

We are fortunate to partner with KBA to maintain these valuable plantation-era water systems. While floating through the ditches and tunnels, visitors learn about the rich history of the island and the importance of being good stewards.

KBA gives back to the community and does a great job in maintaining the water system. In addition, KBA employs over a hundred local residents and supports local vendors by purchasing tour supplies and refreshments. This ripple effect has a tremendous impact on Kaua‘i’s economy.

Click on the video to learn more about Kauaʻi Backcountry Adventures and the Lihuʻe Water System.