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Active Leases

Grove Farm's Puhi Industrial Park was developed in 1990 and continues to serve the needs of a number of local businesses.

Anyone with questions regarding commercial leasing opportunities in Puhi Industrial Park and/or Hanamaulu Shops should contact Arryl Kaneshiro for additional information at (808) 245-3678, ext. 2532. Please keep in mind that Grove Farm will be able to better serve you, the more specific the request (i.e. minimum square footage required, particular height restrictions, ideal usage, etc.).

Grove Farm encourages diversified agricultural endeavors and strongly supports productive farming leases.

Entities interested in leasing land from Grove Farm for the purpose of actively farming are encouraged to fill out a leasing inquiry form and to contact Arryl Kaneshiro for additional information at (808) 245-3678, ext. 2532.

To access a leasing inquiry form, please click here.

Cyberlock System

With a multitude of lessees, Grove Farm is proactively upgrading its gate security system to better provide reliable access to its property while minimizing trespassing.

While the original gate system had been around for decades and is reminiscent of the sugar plantation era, the security system that was recently implemented is state-of-the-art.

After thoroughly researching various security options, Grove Farm decided to upgrade its locking system by utilizing the Cyberlock system.

Grove Farm is proud to be able to provide better access for its lessees and the new security system has been integrated within the Company's overall property management system.

The entire system was phased in over the course of several months as lessees were issued new Cyberlock keys.

Movies & Visual Media

A scenic backdrop for many feature films as well as countless videos and photo spreads, it's no surprise that Kaua'i's nickname is "The Garden Isle".

Grove Farm lands have been used in a number of films spanning generations, from "South Pacific" (1957), "Diamond Head" (1962), "The Hawaiians" (1970), to "Tropic Thunder" (2008).

With a multitude of truly breathtaking vistas, Grove Farm has a stunning array of property views and backdrops.