Waiahi Surface Water Treatment Plant

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Waiahi Water Company, LLC., is a division of Grove Farm. In 2005, Waiahi Water Company celebrated the opening of its new state-of-the-art surface water purification facility on Kauai.

Also known as the Grove Farm Surface Water Treatment Plant, the nearly $10,000,000 investment resulted through the private-public partnership between Waiahi Water Company and the County of Kauai, Department of Water, to develop the Kapaia Reservoir water source.

The Grove Farm Surface Water Treatment Plant processes water collected at Kapaia Reservoir, via the Hanamaulu Ditch system and delivers water to the Department's Lihu'e-Hanama'ulu-Puhi Water Systems. The initial capacity of the plant allows for approximately 3,000,000 gallons of water per day to be delivered to households in the area and ultimately serves nearly 15,000 residents.

As planning for this project began in the late 1990's, the plant took many years to come to fruition. Due in part to its innovative partnership, Grove Farm and the County's Department of Water had to resolve a number of logistical issues to ensure viability.

The entire Surface Water Treatment Plant project, through its planning, design and construction phases was entirely privately built and financed. In addition to fulfilling Grove Farm's obligation to provide a water source for its new residential and commercial properties, Grove Farm is also ensuring that Kauai's island community has critical access to water in the Lihue-Hanama'ulu-Puhi areas for years to come.