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Kaua‘i's Favorite Recipes

The "BES" Goteborg Musubi

Type of Cuisine: Local
Provided By: Clyde Kodani
Category: Local Favorite Pupu
From: Kapaʻa

U.S. Senator Brian E. Schatz (D-Hawaii) loves Kauaʻi and visits whenever possible. Due to his demanding schedule, lunch is always consumed on the run. To sustain the Senator through the long day, his Kauaʻi island representative arranges "quick bites," like a sandwich or Spam musubi. On one particular trip, both Spam and a sandwich were not available, so the able island representative made Goteborg Musubi. The Senator enjoyed it so much that The “Bes” Goteborg Musubi has become the “norm” when visiting Kauaʻi.


1sheet nori package
4 cupscooked white rice
8¼ inch slices Goteborg, Senator Schatz prefers it sliced ¼ inch thick
To tastebonito-flavored furikake


  1. Pan fry the sliced Goteborg to your liking
  2. Mix bonito-flavored furikake with rice -- use your discretion on amount
  3. Wet hands throughout process as needed to make it easier to handle ingredients
  4. Put a ¼ cup scoop of rice, packed lightly, in palm of hand -- flatten a little
  5. Place cooked goteburg on top of rice
  6. Put another ¼ cup scoop of rice on top of Goteborg
  7. Squeeze together to form a hockey puck-shaped musubi
  8. Wrap with half sheet of nori

Recipe submitted by Clyde Kodani -- Kapaʻa High School graduate, Professional Engineer, Accomplished Chef, Storyteller, and Senator Schatz’ Kaua’i Island Representative