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Kaua‘i's Favorite Recipes

Take Along Pineapple Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Type of Cuisine: American
Provided By: Dylan Leigh Apodaca
Category: Breakfast
From: Kōloa

Grandma Cathy is always looking to turn fruit into a quick snack or breakfast for a picky eater. Pancakes with chocolate chips are a favorite which is why the add-ins work. Getting this 1st grader out the door with something to eat in the car is easy with these pancakes!


1 cupKrusteaz Light & Fluffy Pancake Mix
1/2 cupany type of milk
1egg, lightly beaten
3 oz or 5 chunkscrushed pineapples
2very ripe apple bananas, mashed
2 tbspunsweetened applesauce
1 tbspflax meal
1/2 cupchocolate chips, add after batter is mixed


  1. Mix batter together then add chocolate chips
  2. Heat medium sized heavy skillet. Butter the skillet with 1 tbsp of melted butter or avocado oil.
  3. Pour 1/4 cup or less pancake batter onto your skillet
  4. Heat low and slower due to natural sugars in batter so it doesn’t burn
  5. Flip when edges are dry and the spatula slides under easily
  6. Serve with syrup or fruit, or cool to have as a take along on the ride to school

Recipe submitted by Dylan Leigh Apodaca