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Kaua‘i's Favorite Recipes

Lihing Mui Starfruit

Type of Cuisine: Local
Provided By: Kiara Kubota
Category: Local Favorite Pupu
From: Kapaʻa

Three-year old, Kiara Kubota said "this dish is special to me because it tastes yummy!" Lihing Mui Starfruit is also special to Kiara as she gets to help her Daddy make it.

Kiara's Mom said that this is a healthy after school snack. She said they have an abundance of starfruit at the family's farm so they started dehydrating some because they can’t eat them fast enough. This snack has become a family favorite that is also easy to make.


8-10ripe starfruit
To tastelihing mui powder


  1. Cut starfruit in slices
  2. Sprinkle starfruit with lihing mui powder and toss in a bag or container
  3. Layer starfruit in a dehydrator
  4. Dehydrate at 150 degrees for 8-10 hours -- depending on how dry you want it
  5. Enjoy!

Recipe submitted by Kiara Kubota