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Kaua‘i's Favorite Recipes

Konbu Maki - Okinawan Seaweed-wrapped Pork

Type of Cuisine: Japanese
Provided By: Karen Kutaka
From: Aiea

This is a dish that is usually made for special occasions in our family and is my specialty.


1 largegobo
3 pkgnishime konbu
2 pkgkampyo
1-1/2 lbpork shoulder or belly
2 cupswater
1-1/4 cupshoyu
1/2 cupsugar
1 smallginger, grated


  1. Scrape skin from gobo and cut into 2-½ inch strips, quarter lengthwise and soak in water
  2. Wash and soak konbu in water and cut into approximately 5” x 2” lengths
  3. Soak kampyo in water for about 10 seconds, until it’s not stiff – kampyo will break when tying if soaked too long
  4. Cut pork into 2" x 1/2” strips
  5. Place a piece of pork and a piece of gobo across one end of the konbu. Roll tightly and tie with kampyo. Repeat until all the pork is used.
  6. Place remaining ingredients in pot. Mix until dissolved
  7. Place rolls in sauce
  8. Cover and simmer for 2 hours or until tender

Recipe submitted by Karen Kutaka