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Kaua‘i's Favorite Recipes

Chicken Long Rice

Type of Cuisine: Local
Provided By: Federico Acoba Jr.
From: Kekaha


3 lbschicken thighs - bone-in, skin on
2 cubeschicken bouillon
1 packNice brand mung bean thread
To tasteginger
To tastepepper
Optionalgreen onion


  1. A few hours before, cover the noodles with water to let them soak
  2. Debone the chicken, saving the bones and skin
  3. Cut chicken into bite-sized pieces
  4. Cook all the parts of the chicken over medium high heat
  5. Grate ginger while chicken is browning
  6. Add salt and pepper to taste
  7. When chicken is browned, add in noodles with any water left in the bowl. If you like it more soupy, add in more water
  8. Add in two bouillon cubes and cook until noodles are see through
  9. Garnish with green onion, if desired

Federico Acoba Jr.more commonly known as “Tata Fred," or "Junior,” worked as a seed cutter, sabidong man, and retired as a heavy machine mechanic in the Kekaha Plantation. He loved to cook, and often catered for graduation parties, baby parties, and community events. He was an avid community service member often cooking for youth sports, churches, and the food booth at Waimea High School football games.

Everything he cooked was always “to taste.” He never wrote anything down or wouldn’t tell you the recipe. If you wanted to learn, you had to help him cook it. Even then, he would leave out one part of the process or one ingredient, so you can “make ‘em how you like.”

Recipe submitted by Beau Acoba, Grandson of Federico Acoba, Jr.