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Kaua‘i's Favorite Recipes

Banana Lumpia

Type of Cuisine: Filipino
Provided By: Braden Kobayashi
Category: Local Favorite
From: Kalāheo

Banana Lumpia, or “Turon,” is a traditional Filipino dessert that is both simple and delicious. Brown sugar adds a caramelized sweetness to the banana slices which are rolled in a paper-thin flour wrapper. After deep frying, the lumpia wrapper forms a light, crispy shell. It’s best served hot with a caramel drizzle and a side of vanilla ice cream.


1 packagelumpia wrappers
1 handbananas
As neededbrown sugar
As neededdeep frying oil (canola or peanut)



  1. Cut bananas – lengthwise – into quarters
  2. Gently separate wrappers
  3. Prepare a bowl of water and a bowl of brown sugar

Assemble: See diagram below

  1. Place lumpia wrapper on a flat surface – with a corner pointing towards you
  2. Position the banana slice lengthwise – ensuring that the wrapper can be tucked over both ends of the banana
  3. Sprinkle the desired amount of brown sugar
  4. Fold the corner closest to you over the banana
  5. Fold the sides towards the middle – forming an envelope
  6. Roll as tightly as possible
  7. Seal edges with water


  1. Heat oil to medium high and fry until golden brown
  2. Drain on absorbent paper
  3. Serve immediately

Submitted by Braden Kobayashi, Grove Farm Intern