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Grove Farm Scholar

Lucas Gushikuma

2013 Grove Farm Scholar

Lucas Gushikuma

University of Portland

What motto best describes your outlook on life?

“Live life not for what it is, but for what it could be.” - Anonymous

What has being awarded the Grove Farm Scholarship meant to you?

Being awarded the Grove Farm Scholarship has allowed me to chase my academic endeavors. I want to be a pediatric orthopedic surgeon or pediatric neurosurgeon, so I have many years of school ahead of me. This scholarship has helped immensely.

What have you learned about yourself while you’ve been away?

While being away I have discovered what’s most important to me. I have become even more focused on my studies and building a strong community with the people around me.

What drives you?

Knowing that I completed only half, or a little less than half of my education when I graduated high school definitely scares me. However, I find motivation in knowing that this is what I was meant to do. I know that through my future education, research, and career goals regarding neurosurgery or orthopedic surgery, I will make a difference.

What gives you hope for the future?

When I think of all the advancement in medical technology, I become speechless. Researchers are in the process of developing artificial lungs and hearts. In fact, a few months ago, a group of researchers created artificial gray matter. Advancements in neurobiology and genetics also provide hope to curing or controlling impairments.