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Grove Farm Scholar

Athena Abadilla

2016 Grove Farm Scholar

Athena Abadilla

Barnard College of Columbia University
Education / American Studies

What motto best describes your outlook on life?

Not a motto, and not really answering the question too well, but How Far I’ll Go from Disney’s Moana perfectly captures where I’m at in life right now, haha.

What has being awarded the Grove Farm Scholarship meant to you?

Being chosen as a Grove Farm scholar showed me how much the leaders in my community trust in my plans and are there to support my endeavors. It’s been such a big help and encouragement (and definitely lessened my financial burden) as I am so far away from home trying to defend & well-represent my island here in New York City and intending to furthermore serve my home in the future. I’m so grateful.

What have you learned about yourself while you’ve been away?

That I still have a lot left to figure out.

What drives you?

I’m driven by the idea that God has created this life specifically for me and given me certain simple privileges (and also certain obstacles) so that I can use all that I have / all that I am to intentionally love and serve others.

What gives you hope for the future?

Seeing the progress made thus far.