Solar Power at Night - Video

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On March 8, 2017, Solar City and KIUC unveiled their new solar array and battery storage facility on Grove Farm land in Lihue.

Utilizing nearly 55,000 photovoltaic panels and 272 high-capacity Tesla batteries, this state-of-the-art facility can store up to 52 megawatt hours of solar energy.  When needed, this power can be dispatched over a 4-hour period, meaning we can use solar power in the evening – when electricity is used most.  About 1.6 million gallons of fossil fuels will be saved each year!

By the year 2030, the renewable generation goal for the State of Hawaii will be 40 percent, but Kaua`i aims higher – 70 percent by 2030!  With the addition of this new photovoltaic and battery storage facility, Kaua`i will be exceeding the State of Hawaii’s 2030 goal.  The island will be producing 44 percent of its energy from renewable sources – 13 years ahead of schedule!  By 2045, Kaua`i hopes to be at 100 percent renewable energy generation.

Solar City’s battery storage facility marks the 2nd renewable energy project located on Grove Farm property.  The first is a 12 megawatt solar array located in Koloa.  Grove Farm lands also provide materials used in Kaua`i Green Energy’s biomass plant near Knudsen Gap.

Kaua`i is one the world’s leaders in renewable energy.  Grove Farm congratulates KIUC on their renewable energy achievements.  We look forward to working on future projects and ultimately enabling Kaua`i to achieve its 100 percent renewable energy goal.