Recognizing Kauai's Student Athletes

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What exactly is the Grove Farm "Team-of-the-Week" and "Play-of-the-Game?"

If you've heard about our winners via social media or radio broadcasts, you may be wondering the same thing. 

In 2009, Grove Farm introduced the “Team-of-the-Week” award, which recognizes outstanding teams throughout the Kauai Interscholastic Federation (“KIF”), and has since added the Grove Farm “Play-of-the-Game.”

During each week of competition, an exceptional team’s performance and a game-changing play is honored and highlighted.  Each winner’s respective athletic departments receive a $50 donation from the Grove Farm Foundation.  Currently, between Grove Farm’s “Team-of-the-Week” and "Play-of-the-Game," roughly $4,000 is donated each year.  Since 2009, the Grove Farm Foundation has donated over $20,000.

Organized sports encourage teamwork, perseverance, sportsmanship and so much more.  Grove Farm is proud to honor the legacy of Kauai’s outstanding student athletes.