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Grove Farm Newsletter - July 2020 Edition

New Filters at the Waiahi Surface Water Treatment Plant

In our inaugural 2020 Grove Farm Newsletter, we began a series on Water Clarity, which highlighted the importance of sustainable surface water and its many beneficial uses. As you recall, our island’s surface water is a critical source for providing you with potable drinking water. The Waiahi Surface Water Treatment Plant (SWTP) opened in 2006 and provides drinking water to about 15,000 residents in the Hanama‘ulu — Līhu‘e — Puhi — Wailua and Kapa‘a areas. We want to provide you with exciting news on what is now happening at the Waiahi plant.

In partnership with the Kaua‘i Department of Water, the SUEZ ZeeWeed hollow fiber membranes are being replaced at a cost of $1.2 million. The membrane filtration system — which resembles thousands of noodle-like straws — is designed to form a physical barrier to solids, bacteria, and viruses as water is vacuumed through these straw-like strands to ultimately provide you with safe drinking water.

The membrane filters were manufactured in Hungary then shipped to Kaua‘i. With technical support from SUEZ and the assistance from Aqua Engineers, the membranes and other technical components were replaced and tested.

Thank you to our installation team of Mike Crutchfield, Ross Shinsato, Jason Stock from Suez, and Rory Ellamar for a smooth replacement of the ZeeWeed Filters.

A critical water infrastructure component, the Waiahi SWTP provides potable water to 20% of our island’s residents. Oversight by the State Department of Health’s Safe Drinking Water Branch and Clean Water Branch, the Kaua‘i Department of Water, and other regulatory agencies ensure that the plant is delivering safe drinking water.


Beau Acoba and Casey Watabu from Grove Farm accept the ulu donation from Brian Yamamoto of Kauaʻi Community College.

We want to thank Kauaʻi Community College (KCC) Botany Professor Brian Yamamoto, Gary Yamamoto, and Tom Kajihara for picking around 200 pounds of breadfruit, or “ulu,” from the college's "Ulutopia" farm. The healthy fruits were donated to Garden Isle Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center and to New Hope Līhuʻe’s Police Pastors and Pancakes, where ulu hash was included in their meal distribution at Puakea Golf Course.

Jacquelyn Braun and Bronson Ho of Garden Isle Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center receive the donation of ulu to be used in their meals for kupuna.

Ulutopia is a partnership between KCC and the National Tropical Botanical Garden. The objective of Ulutopia is to provide students with a research facility and to find the optimal conditions for tree growth and crop yield. More information about Ulutopia can be found here.

Puhi Park Produce Continues

Due to popular demand, Puhi Park Produce will be open every Saturday from 10 a.m. Grove Farm appreciates the vendors and shoppers who wear Personal Protective Equipment and practice social distancing. Please visit our local vendors for your fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, baked goods, coffee, sweets and honey. Supporting local food production is a critical key in building a sustainable Kauaʻi.

We want to remind everyone to adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Center for Disease Control and the state Department of Health to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

We take safety seriously and thank you for being patient while waiting in line and for caring for others around you. As a community, we need to help each other by taking the necessary precautions to stay safe and healthy.

Grove Farm Office – Open to Serve You!

Grove Farm’s employees have remained available to our tenants and contractors throughout the COVID stay-at-home orders. As of July 1, Grove Farm’s office will be open daily. However, new measures will be in-place to ensure everyone's health and safety.

Upon arriving, please be sure you wear your face mask. Sanitize your hands at the sanitizing station and ring the doorbell. Thank you for keeping you and our staff safe.