500 Pounds and Counting

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Many of Kauai's community groups and organizations frequently use Grove Farm's conference room in Puhi. Although we do not charge for this room, several months ago we began encouraging these groups to donate food instead.  After a short perdiod of time, Grove Farm was able to collect over 500 pounds of food, all of which will go back to the community.  

With two SUVs stuffed with Grove Farm employees and all 500+ pounds of food, we made a special delivery to Koloa's St. Raphael Church to meet with Father Arlan Intal and Tina Brun.  

Tina coordinates community events for the church, and will be delivering food to people in need during an August 20th outreach.  This outreach is one of five that Tina is organizing this year.

Mahalo to Tina Brun, Father Arlan Intal and everyone who continues to contribute to such a worthy cause.