Kiana Pigao

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Name: Kiana Pigao
University: George Fox University
Field of Study/Major: Biology/Christian Studies

What motto best describes your outlook on life?

Confidence and hard work is the key to life.  First impressions are very important as well as how you carry yourself, and no person can be a great leader if they are not willing to take a knee and serve.  “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Eleanor Roosevelt

What has being awarded the Grove Farm Scholarship meant to you?

This Grove Farm Scholarship has meant a lot.  It has given me a chance.  A chance to not be another statistic from the island of Kauai, but to go off to college and continue aspiring to be the doctor I feel like God has called me to be.

What have you learned about yourself while you’ve been away?

Being away has taught me independence, as I am sure any college student would say, but it has also taught me the value of relationships and networking.  Being away from the people that you grew up your whole life depending on, teaches you to develop your own strong relationships, so that you have a strong support group wherever you may end up.

What drives you?

My family plays a big role in my drive, more specifically my grandma.  She is the one who has been there through all of my ups and downs as well as through all of my greatest successes.  Whenever I am feeling discouraged, she is the one that I call, and she always knows how to pep talk me back into gear.  Being the only grandchild on that side, I continue to do the things I do to make her proud, and bring honor to her.

What gives you hope for the future?

Personally my hope comes from God.  Yes I know this is a personal decision and I respect that, but when I look around at the chaos all around us, I can’t help but put my trust in Him, because it is through Him that I am able to find peace and comfort in the unknown future.