Important Agricultural Land Dedicaton

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In May 2011, the State of Hawaii Land Use Commission unanimously approved Maha`ulepu Farm LLC's  Important Agricultural Land (IAL) application, thereby dedicating 1,533 acres on the South Shore of Kauai for agricultural use.  The land was originally owned by Grove Farm Company and Visionary LLC, dba as Lihue Land Company, and was then transferred to Maha`ulepu Farm.  Maha`ulepu Farm's voluntary IAL application was only the third entity throughout the State to have sought such a designation and to have received approval.

Mahaulepu Valley

In February of 2013, the LUC unanimously approved a petition from Grove Farm Company and Haupu Land Company, to convert a total of 11,048 acres to IAL.  This equates to roughly a third of Grove Farm's total land holdings of 32,996 acres and Haupu Land Company¹s holdings of 1,652 acres.

As part of the existing incentives to file an IAL application, Landowners are allowed to reclassify up to 15% of the remaining acreage for other uses, such as rural or urban. Maha`ulepu Farm, Grove Farm and Haupu Land Company waived the right to claim this benefit in its entirety.