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Grove Farm is continually looking for additional sustainable methods to manage its ecosystem’s resources.  There have been a number of projects in which Grove Farm has spearheaded to promote awareness, education and environmentally responsible land management solutions.  Over the years Grove Farm has partnered with elementary schools to provide experiential excursions to give students the opportunity to become stewards of Kaua‘i.

Grove Farm began its Ecological Restoration project at Iliahi with the assistance of over 200 island Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. In partnership with Kaua‘i Community College, the National Tropical Botanical Garden and Makauwahi Sinkhole, the Scouts were able to plant nearly 1,000 native plants, trees, shrubs and grasses over a 2-acre site.  Since the program’s inception in November 2006, over a 1,000 of Kaua‘i's students have visited Grove Farm's Ecological Restoration at Iliahi to learn about a variety of native plants and to nurture the existing plantings with hands-on maintenance. To date, nearly 4 acres of land has been planted and roughly 2,500 native plants are flourishing on-site. 

The Nēnē is Hawai’i's only native goose and is on the list of endangered species. Due to the delicate nature of the Nēnē's endangered status, it took several years of collaborative planning with DOFAW biologists and numerous consultants to move forward with a site-appropriate Nēnē Habitat plan.  Since the initiative began in 2005, Grove Farm has since enhanced 8 acres surrounding its Kapa‘ia Reservoir.  A little over six-dozen Nēnē goslings have been released into the enhanced habitat where they continue to feed and nest.